Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hmmmm. . .

. . .it will come to me eventually. That is, I hope it will.  I'm working on some new stuff as well as a new project and I'm having a little difficulty trying to put it all together. Not quite as easy as I was hoping it would be. So while I go sit down and try to figure it out, enjoy this little sketch.  This was me. . .ALL day on Friday!  I bet some of you can relate to it as well!

Until tomorrow...Happy DECIDING!!!


  1. Love it!!! I have no trouble deciding - housework or copic coloring ( your digi's) Hands down copics :)

  2. This is me when I am trying to get going on my new art journal and the ideas are not flowing!

  3. All it needs is the word "Ummmmmm" and it is perfect! I have mnay days like that.

  4. yup, I can relate more often than not Cheryl!
    you have the perfect idea in your head and it just won't come out!
    Everything is going to pop together, I have not doubt!
    hugs to ya!

  5. Boy do I relate to that Cheryl!!!