Monday, January 28, 2013

Well Duh

It finally came to me today!  It's not the problem that's giving me the problem, it's the attitude or the approach to the problem that is the problem.  Now I get it!!!!!!!!!!  I've been going about it all wrong.  Now perhaps I can make some progress!  Keep your fingers crossed!  We'll see.

I'm trying to get the video completed to release this week on the coloring and blending of the pencils.  Gonna do my darndest!  I promise.......!

Until tomorrow. . .Happy PROBLEM SOLVING!!!!


  1. I was lovin your attitude and approach-- look at all the amazing sketches that have come in the last few weeks!
    keep on keepin on Cheryl!

  2. Your approach seems to be working from what I see! looking forward to your next video~ your da bestest!!