Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Are you scared yet?

Nope!  I have to admit.  I don't scare easily. I didn't use to be that way.  I was a big chicken. I'm not sure what changed.  I guess I just got tired of being scared.

I enjoy a good scary movie, but there just aren't any good ones anymore. At least I haven't found any that I like.  I remember as a kid watching all those scary movies of the day, like Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street.  As a kid I thought they were super scary, but watching them now, I just see them as cheesy.

I do however LOVE a good suspense movie and probably one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES, is Silence of the Lambs.  Some people thinks it's scary, but I just think it's just wonderfully intense! Anthony Hopkins is just so incredible in his portrayal of the cannibalistic psychiatrist, Hannibal Lecter.  He falls into my category of characters that I 'hate to love'.

My neighbor Blythe, (from the old neighborhood) and my birthdays fall about a week apart and we usually do something together, whether it be a pedicure, out to lunch, or lunch and a movie.  One year, she said we would do lunch at her house and I could pick the movie.  Well, you know which movie I picked.  Yep, you guessed it.  Silence of the Lambs. She wasn't happy. . .AT ALL!  However, being the good sport that she is, she did watch it with me. I pick on her all the time about being such a scaredy cat, and you don't know HOW tempting it is, to not call her when her husband is out of town and say. . . ."I'll help you catch him, Clarice"!  (Insert evil grin.)  I never do!  But I am SO tempted!!!

Sally and Bella seem to be 'kind of' enjoying a scary movie themselves.  Judging by Bella's reaction, I bet it's The Wizard of Oz.  That mean old witch sure had it in for poor little Toto. And poor Bella, she just can't bare to watch. I have my sneaky suspicions that Bella probably didn't get much sleep that night.  She probably stayed up all night for fear that if she fell asleep, that mean and nasty old witch would snatch her up, put her in the basket on the back of that bicycle, pedal away and she'd never see Sally again. Nope, see wasn't going to take any chances.

I think story telling seems to be more Bellas speed.  And whatever story Sally is reading to her, it certainly seems to have peaked Bella's interest. Probably some wonderfully heroic story about how Lassie saved little Timmy or the farm.  Lassie is her hero. . .oh wait, Lassie was a girl, so that makes her a heroine.  Right?  Doesn't matter.  Bella likes Lassie, that's all that matters.

Which category do you fall under?  Scary or heroism?

And finally, once again, I'd like to get your input on something.  Emails have been arriving with ideas for tutorials and suggestions as well as in the comments.  These are the top three requests, from the comments and emails.  If you wouldn't mind taking a moment to vote, I'd really appreciate it.  There are three choices and it will only allow you to vote once.  But, if you do change your mind before the poll closes, you will be able to change your vote.  

Thanks for taking the time to give me your input.  And as always, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions or simply drop me an email.  

Until tomorrow. . . You'll have to excuse me.  I'm having an old friend for dinner.-Hannibal Lecter


  1. Sally reading to Bella is adorable, Cheryl! You've been a busy lady lately! Looking forward to the new images.

  2. Cheryl, these two sneek peeks are looking to be AMAZING! Both images are just perfect for me, fingers crossed we see them in the store soom =)

    I just love getting these little peeks into your drawing workd =)


  3. I love scary movies... my faves growing up were Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween & Friday 13th!! I also love a good TV series with a bit of suspense etc... My fave at the moment is The Walking Dead although I do have to play catch up as my better half is not a scary movie/tv series person at all so I get to watch them all alone :)

    Would love to see both of these make it to the store.

    Debbie x

  4. I voted miss Cheryl! you know me, always wanting to learn more about blending with the pencils.. you can never know enough!
    as for scarrrrrry!! not for me!
    I went to a movie when a young teenager while staying with some cousins-- buried alive--
    to this day, I can see those images, as if it were yesterday!
    My Uncle wasn't very happy when he had to get up in the middle of the night and drive me home over a pass.. it took him most of the night... got home just in time to head out for work.
    So!!!!!!!!!! no scarry movies for me.
    that's more information than anyone wanted to know :)
    I am loving all the new images heading our way from your very creative mind :)

  5. Hey Cheryl, I did vote but I am greedy and would love to have all's that for wanting your cake and to it too.
    I am not a huge scary movie fan or at least don't think of myself that way but I do love Silence of the Lambs and the ending is my fave part. I also have gotten into The Walking husband and I never would have thought of loving a zombie series.I like any movie with a good and suspenseful story line.
    Love the new images.

  6. hey there voted but I'll take it all! nope not greedy at all-teehee..
    no scary movies or books for me. just never enjoyed them. call me chicken that's okay!!

  7. I do NOT like scary movies...but I LOVE both of those sketches!! Of course since I don't watch scary movies, Bella covering her eyes reminds me of little kids not wanting to see "kissing"/yucky parts of romantic comedies, etc...LOL
    You know I LOVE reading so that will be a must purchase in my future!!!

  8. Oh, no, no, NO scary stuff for me! I like to laugh or have a good ( as opposed to a BAD) cry, but HATE me some scary! Love these sketches! You are on a roll, lady! Loving all of your creations- just keeps getting better!

  9. Love the sketch Any ideas with books or reading get thumbs up from me! My fav pastime!