Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Busy as a . . .

. . .ladybug!  Bet you thought I was going to say bee.  Didn't you!  Not quite.  Sally likes ladybugs and I LOVE spring, so I threw them together and came up with this yesterday.  In Virginia, we are getting an early taste of spring with temps into the low to upper 70's.  It is only suppose to last for a couple of days, but I am certainly enjoying it while it's here.

As a kid, I always did love ladybugs.  I don't know if it was their bright red color or the fact that they just seemed so delicate, but they have always been a favorite of mine. In the last year, I've thrown many a little ladybug into my illustrations. I just love them.

Sally seems to be having a conversation with this little guy, or gal, whichever the case may be and it definitely puts a smile on my face, regardless of the fact that I sketched it.  Perhaps they are talking about when spring will be here to stay!  I hope it's good news! Don't you?!

Until tomorrow. . . Happy SPRING!!!!


  1. Adorable!!! Who doesn't love Ladybugs?

  2. Cheryl, I'm loving all these sketches, and can't wait to see them in the store.

  3. I've been known to talk to a ladybug or two in my days!!! They are great listeners and they don't talk back!! I really love this sketch and can't wait to see it to purchase!Thanks, Cheryl,for coming up with such great ideas that you put down on paper for all of us to enjoy!

  4. Jary ,that made me smile im with you they make great listeners lol well they dont have a lot of choice really.This digi is so sweet really cute xx