Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be silent

You just might be surprised at what you hear.  Let your thoughts take over.  And besides, you can't hear anything if you aren't listening.  At least that's what I tell myself all the time.    One of my all time favorite verses from the Bible is:
Be still and know that I am God.-Psalm 46:10
I have to remind myself of this all the time when I am praying.  Sometimes all I do is talk at God, instead of listening to him.  It's when I'm silent that I find that I have to do less praying!!!

Try it.  Be silent, if only for a minute.  And while you're listening in your silence, wiggle your toes for good measure!!!

Until tomorrow. . .Happy WIGGLING!!!!


  1. Amen to all of that Cheryl!!!Amazing what can be heard and learned when listening!

  2. Hello!

    I love the toes! Into my wish list this goes! :<) (Hey, this sorta rhymes) I hope that all is well with you and wish you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  3. We get so busy with everyday life that we forget to do this! Cute sketch, Cheryl.

  4. Double Amen.......I talk too much too xx

  5. Oh My Goodness! look at those very cute toes!
    drummmmrooolllll.... sitting ( smile )while pondering.
    I love to hear the quiet and let all the thoughts in!

  6. This really resonates with me especially as I live my 2013 word-listen!