Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remember when . . . .?

I bet we can all say that about something.  I find myself feeling kind of old when I say it too, because it brings back memories of my grandparents starting their sentences with, "Wellback in my day."  I haven't quite gotten to that point yet, but I have come dangerously close.

As many of you know, I grew up outside of Staunton, Virginia in a small area called Swoope. Kind of like Mayberry, but without the main street.  It's a small area and neighbors don't live right next door to each another like they do in the city, but everyone still seems to know one another. Swoope is one of those places that still has a small, two room post office, just back the road from where I grew up.  And can you believe that it still closes for lunch.  I find that amazing and actually kind of funny.  If they tried closing post offices around here for lunch, I think we may have some riots on our hands.

Swoope is out in the boonies and I have to say I miss it sometimes.  I didn't care for it much when I was a kid. There never seemed to be much to do. That is until summer time rolled around. During summer vacation, my sister and I would spend a glorious, fun filled week with both sets of grandparents.  We always had the best time. Playing games, riding the ponies, eating Slim Jim's and watching the locals play baseball.  I always hated seeing my parents car pull up in the driveway, because I knew that the fun was just about over. Gosh, I miss that! I would pay some serious money to go back and spend another week with my grandparents.  Heck, I'd even settle for just a day.  Oh, if I had only known.

Probably one of my fondest memories growing up, was riding on the back of my dads old Turquoise colored Ford pickup truck on Saturday evening, just before dark to take the trash to the dump.  Going to the dump was a highlight for me. (I know, kind of sad, huh?!)  But the trip to the dump wasn't the fun part.  The fun part, was riding in the back of that pickup truck, with the wind in my hair.  Totally open to the sky and the fresh smells of summer. At times I felt like I was flying. And stopping at the local Tastee Freez for an ice-cream cone afterwards was an added treat.  Chocolate was always my favorite.

You can't do that now. Ride on the back of a pickup truck like that.  It is now against the law. And even though I totally understand and agree with why it's no longer allowed, it's a little bit sad at the same time.  Sad, because most kids will never experience the fun and the thrill of 'taking the trash to the dump and stopping at Tastee Freez for ice-cream.'   It is a glorious ride. And it's a feeling of freedom that you just won't get with any roller coaster ride or convertible.  Trust me.  It doesn't even come close!

So, until tomorrow. . . .HAPPY TAILGATING!!!

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  1. What a lovely memory Cheryl. I have only just started reading your blog and I am really enjoying it and your wonderful illustrations.I purchased my first digi and I am having fun making a card with it ;0)

  2. I agree, I am finding myself thinking the same thought "remember when?". I also remember the fun summer days when I rode in the back of my dad's truck. Except he was taking the me and the neighborhood kids over to our local lake to fish!! Fun!

    I love your sketch of Sassy Sally and Bella in the truck bed with hair and ears flying in the wind!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Wow did that bring back memories!! I wasn't lucky enough to grow up in the "boonies" (I always wanted to live in Mayberry1) But I do remember simpler times when getting an ice cream cone was a treat, when nothing was open on Sunday (some not even on Sat.!) and when the highlight of my week was going to our local department store, Meier & Franks, for the Friday surprise sale. I don't think we missed very many! My parents would let my sister and I go up to the furniture dept where we played house! heaven forbid we let our kids out of our sights today! I am truely thankful for having been able to enjoy those times and for the memories they bring!
    The sketch of the truck with the two in the back is perfect!! I can just see them!