Thursday, January 24, 2013

How you d-o-i-n-g?

Every time I here someone say "how you doing", I immediately think of Joey, from the show Friends. Always cracks me up.  But why is it that boys feel the need to use one liners on girls. I never have understood that. In the show, Joey really was a ladies man. Or at least that's the way they portrayed him and he knew it.  Through the years here have been many a ladies man in shows, but I can honestly say that there was one person who was definitely not a ladies man. And that was Barney Fife.

From a very young age, I have always been a HUGE fan of The Andy Griffith Show.  In fact, I watch it, or rather listen to, it just about every day at lunch and then again in the evening. I just never get tired of it.  They just don't make shows like that anymore. I think that if you've been a fan of the show, you probably have a favorite episode. I have several, including, Citizens' Arrest and Opie the Birdman.  All of the cast that played the characters were wonderful, but my favorite had to be Barney Fife, or as he called himself sometimes, Bernard P. Fife. And the 'P' was always emphasized when he said it. LOL

Barney certainly was a character and I'm really glad to know, or at least I hope, that the policemen in Richmond, Virginia are more qualified than he was at being a deputy sheriff. He really was a goofball, wasn't he.  But I sure did loved him.  Probably one of the most hilarious things about Barney, was that he considered himself a real ladies man.  I don't know what planet he was living on, but he definitely was not a ladies man.  Thelma Lou was always his main squeeze on the show, but he always cracked me up when he was talking to Juanita on the phone down at the Bluebird Diner.  He would always tell the operator, "uh, Sarah, could you get me the Blue Diner?"  When he made that call, you knew he wasn't calling to order take-out, his only interest was in sweet talking Juanita.  They never did actually show her, but I always wondered what she looked like.

Yep, that Barney Fife was the best part of that show, for sure.  It never was the same after he left. I've always wondered how Barney convinced himself into thinking he was this Cary Grant type Casanova. Barney was certainly a sweetheart of a guy and super funny, but a ladies man he was not.

**BTW, the next tutorial will be the Coloring and Blending with colored pencils.**  I'm working hard to get it done.  :)

So, until tomorrow. . .Happy CHARMING!


  1. Love the image Cheryl - but never heard of the show - sorry...
    Take care
    Sarah x

    1. Sarah,
      I'm sure you're not the only one. I forget that some of my readers aren't in the US, but trust me. . .it was and still is an American Classic! HUGS!

  2. Love it.... Friends was an all time favorite of mine and I still sit and watch the re runs now! I must have seen them all a hundred times but it doesn't stop me re watching them :)


  3. Love this guy leaning on the table!!! You got the "guyness" just right!!! I must be about your age cause I remember oh so well all the Andy Grifith show! But my favorite guy was Goober Pyle! He was just so goofy - what's not to love!!!

    1. Jary,
      To be exact, I'm 45, but even my 18 year old knows and loves the show along with my sisters kids. And The Waltons!!!! Another of my favorites!!!!
      And you're right, Goober Pyle was a goof ball too!

  4. to bad they don't make shows like that any more! they were funny, serious, and a joy to watch.. they always had a true meaning, or a message to learn in them!
    they didn't have to be sensored, or rated like all of the shows today!
    Noah, diffinitely has the -I am cool- stance about him..
    this will be a fun one to play with Cheryl!
    hope your staying warm with your snowfall lastnight!

  5. I ditto what judy said about the shows and today..... and oh the drawing is fabulous! can't wait till he is in the store.... what a cool guy, I can just see him trying that little stand and attitude with all the girls.... do ya think it worked?!

  6. oh Cheryl
    I love him!love his stance and shoes alway make me smile!

  7. he hee...citizens arrest...a creation citation!