Saturday, November 3, 2012

Noah's Sweet little Turkey face!

Time for another tutorial.  I really  hope I'm not boring you with these.  And PLEASE, if you have comments or suggestions, or if I'm not including steps or information that you need or want, please let me know.

Today I'm going to show you how I colored Noah's sweet little Turkey face for the
What's Up Turkey? Illustration.  I just LOVE this little guy!  So festive and fun.

This is what I used to color Noah's face, but you may use what you have available, substituting when necessary.
**Abbreviation-FC=Faber Castell
When available, I will list the Prisma Color pencil that is the same color as the Faber Castell Color Pencil.

Strathmore Bristol-Vellum Surface-500 Series
Copic Markers: E0000 & E000
Colored Pencils:  (FC) Light Flesh=(PC) Light Peach
(FC) Cinnamon=(PC) Blush
(FC) Ocker Gebrannt=(PC)Burnt Ochre
Brushes:  #3 round & #4 Flat
Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen to 'dot' Noah's eyes

Step 1:  Color in all skin areas with E0000
Step 2: Highlight shaded areas of skin with E000

Step 3:  Using (FC)Light Flesh-(PC)Light Peach shade over the E000.
Step 4: Blend using Gamsol and the #3 round brush, just barely pulling the color outward. I do this on all of the skin areas.

Step 5:  Using (FC) Cinnamon-(PC)Blush and (FC)Ocker Gebrannt-(PC)Burnt Ochre to shade in the same areas as above and use the #2 Flat Brush to pull the color out building more shadow/shading.  Add more color as needed, but just keep in mind that it's easier to add more color than it is to take it away. And once it's blended with the Gamsol, it's a done deal.
Note:  I have found that adding a little white over areas that are too dark, does work sometimes, especially when coloring skin. :)

Step 6: For the cheeks, I use (FC)Cinnamon-(PC)Blush.  There is no right or wrong way to 'place' the cheeks.  That is totally up to you.  Using both the #2 Flat Brush I 'stipple' the cheeks and the #3 Round Brush to pull the color together and blend.  I want his cheeks to stand out, so I don't blend those too much.

And that's it.  Comments?  Suggestions?  I'd love to hear from ya.
Have a fabulous Saturday!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's in my Studio?

Who doesn't like to peek into someones workspace or studio?  I for one am VERY nosey in that respect, so I thought that I'd share a little bit of what's in mine and what I use to create my illustrations.
Bare with me as you may already know a bunch of this.  So just humor me for a little long while. LOL

While attending college I was a huge Prisma-Color pencil user, but for about the last six months or so, I have begun using these wonderful, richly polychromos colored pencils made by Faber-Castel. Can I just say I LOVE these pencils.  I think two of the MAJOR reasons that I like them so much is because the points DON'T BREAK even at their sharpest point.  And you also don't get the 'grit/imperfection' when coloring like you do with Prismas.  If you use Prisma-colors you know what I'm talking about.
Another reason I like them so well, is that they are super smooth when applying to the paper.  The colors easily blend all on their own, even without any OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits).  And when used with OMS they are just perfect for achieving that 'watercolor' look!!  It's like having two art supplies in one.

Ok, so maybe I love them for more than two reasons.  But they really are great!!!
I don't believe Michael's carries these, but some Hobby Lobby's do.  But if you are looking to purchase a few to try before investing in a set, make sure that they are the POLYCHROMOS pencils.  Or, if you're just going to take my word for it and want to purchase an entire set, I purchased mine from Dick Blick.
Here is a great comparison of the Prismas/Faber-Castells.

I LOVE watercolor pencils, and do use them a little on my illustrations,  but more often than not,  I stick mainly to the Colored Pencils.  I have a small set of 24 which is perfect because I always shade over the main color anyway, so I have never invested in a larger set. 

Now, I know it isn't the neatest little arrangement, but I DO love this caddy that I purchased from Michael's.  It houses all of my colored pencils and my Copics.
A customer of mine told me where she got hers when I saw it in one of her Show Me Thursday posts and I knew that they would be perfect for my studio.  I purchased two of them . . . .and I'd really like to have a third.  LOVE these little boogers.

Below my caddy, you see my Copic Color Chart.  I love having this thing handy while coloring.  And can I just say, for any newbies.  Use the SAME PAPER that you normally color on to make the chart as the ink is a little different depending on the type of paper that you are using.  Smooth papers will allow the color to stay more on the surface, while a more rough/toothy paper will soak up some of the color. It really does make a difference.  Trust me on that.
If you don't have one of these charts, you may download and print the blank 2012 chart here.

Here are the main instruments that I use when coloring the illustrations.  A Pentel white Gel Pen.  Perfect for details or 'dotting' the eyes.  That's what I use it mainly for.
A waterbrush.  I've shown the example here, but I don't use it much.  I have more control using plain old paintbrushes.
These are only a few of the sizes that I use, but I do suggest purchasing ACRYLIC brushes, because they have stronger bristles for blending and painting and don't wear out.  That's another reason I don't like the waterbrush.  The tip gets 'used' up too quickly.  I purchased my brushes at Michaels, using a coupon.  And no. . ..I don't buy expensive.  :)

OMS-Odorless Mineral Spirits, is FABULOUS for blending your colored pencils.  I also purchased this from the online Dick Blick store.  I like the larger size, b/c it's cheaper and since I use so much of it, it's great. I have an old KFC container that is perfect for using on my workspace.  Anything small with a lid is perfect.  The Dollar Tree would be a perfect place to pick up something like this.

And then we come to the papers.  There are ALL types of papers that you can use when coloring.  But here are a few that I prefer.  
In the top photo, from bottom to top:
Strathmore-Bristol-Smooth Surface-400 Series
Strathmore-Drawing Paper-Medium Surface-400 Series
In the 2nd photo from bottom to top:
Strathmore-Bristol-Vellum Surface-300 Series
Canson-Bristol (this paper is great b/c it is two sided.  Smooth on one side, rough/toothy  (on the other.)

These are all fine papers to use, especially if you are only using colored pencils and Gamsol to create, but if you are using Copics, they do bleed to the back.  That doesn't matter if you are just coloring something that you are going to cut out and past to a surface.  No on will see the back.  But if you're looking to color illustrations like I do, then I suggest using one of the two papers below.

Now these two are my preferred papers of choice, with my favorite being the Vellum surface because it is rougher/toothier.
Let me define rougher/toothier, or at least my definition.  A rougher surface will give you more texture and hold the color better instead of it 'bleeding' out.  Does that make sense?  Just think of coloring/blending on a piece of wax paper compared to sand paper and that will give you a good idea.  LOL

Listed from bottom to top:
Copics will NOT bleed or soak through to the other side.  That's why I like them so much.

Here are just two of the techniques I use when blending the colored pencils.  Shown at the top is the same color on the Strathmore-Bristol-Vellum Surface (100% Cotton)-500 Series.  Notice the texture.  Just below that is two blending techniques.  The first is a 'stroke' blending, meaning it's just like painting.  Short consistent outward strokes.
The second photo is a stippling/dabbing technique.  I touch the paper with an up and down motion, but do not move the brush from side to side. See how more of the color is 'unblended'. Hopefully you understand that.  :)
I have others, but this post is getting WAY too long, so I'm only sharing those two for now.

When my illustration is complete, I use Krylon Workable Fixatif to seal it so it doesn't smudge.  LOVE this stuff!!!  And regardless of what you have heard, DO NOT use hairspray.  YUCK!  This is much better and it lasts a LONG time.  You may purchase it at any local arts and crafts store.  I ALWAYS use a coupon!   

And FINALLY. . . . I bet you thought you'd NEVER get to the end of this post.  Here is my latest illustration using ALL of the 'crap' that I described from above.
Are ya tired from reading? I know I am!  I'm lucky you stayed with me until the end!
Thanks for reading!!!!

Comments or suggestions?  Email me or post a comment here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tree Coloring

First off, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the comments you left on my previous Quick Process Post. I appreciate you taking the time to pop in and leave some love.  That was very sweet.  
So today, I have a new tutorial for you.  This is all about trees. I thought this would be a good one to show you because I've had several people write asking about the colors that I used.

Picture #1:  I will be coloring just the tree portion from the Sassy Sally's Winter Morning Social Digi Stamp.  This is a brand new image in the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop and is probably one of my new favorites.

Picture #2:  Here is the digi portion of the tree as well as the finished version that I colored in the original illustration.

Picture #3:  Here is what you'll need. If you don't have the exact same brushes, pencils or markers you may use what you have available.  This is just what I used.

W1 (Warm Grey No.1) -Copic Marker
(Faber-Castell  polychormos colored Pencils)
If you are using Prisma Color Pencils use the 2nd name which is in bold italic from the list below)
Bister, Bistre #179
Nougat, Nougat #178
Umbra Gebrannat, Burnt Umber #280
Walnubraun, Walnut Brown #177
#3 Round acrylic paint brush
#4 Flat acrylic paint Brush
Paper Towel

Picture #4:  I begin by coloring in the tree using the W1 (Warm Grey No.1) -Copic Marker.

Picture #5:  To figure out where I want to shade, I have the 'imaginary' sun coming from the top left of the image.  Keeping this in mind, I use the Bister colored pencil and lightly shade in the areas that would not have sun. Mainly on the right side of the tree and of course, under the birds and Sally's hand. There is no exact science to this and to be honest with you, I simply 'guess' at this.  LOL
Once I have the shading the way I like, I begin the blending. I dip my #4 Flat Brush into the Gamsol and wipe the excess on a paper towel.  I do not like a lot of Gamsol on my brush.  It is usually just a little damp.  You'll just kinda have to play around with it until you get as little or as much as you want. 
I pull the color away from the dark areas.  I am constantly wiping the color off of my brush, because I don't want too much of the color pulled at one time.  Remember, it's easier to pull more of the color, but once you start blending the color you can't take it away.  :)
The picture to the right shows what you should end up with or something similar.  Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Just play around and have fun with it.

Picture #6:  Next, I use the Nougat colored pencil to add darker shading, and use the #3 Round  brush for the blending.  Use the same technique as before for pulling the color. 

Picture #7:  With that shading completed I still need it to be darker, so I use the Umbra Gebrannat colored pencil to add even more shadowing.  This time I use a combination of both the #3 Round and the #4 Flat brushes for blending.  I pull and sweep the color across the tree concentrating on the trunk of the tree where there would obviously be more shadowing.

Picture #8:  Then I move on to the last and darkest of the four colors. Using the Walnubrauna colored pencil I begin to add my final and darkest shading.  Again, I use a combination of the #3 Round and the #4 Flat brushes to do the blending. Use the same technique as before, pulling and sweeping the color across the tree and it's limbs.

Picture #9:  Going darker still, I continue using the Walnubrauna colored pencil and the same brushes and blending.

Picture #10:  Finally, I use the Walnubranuna colored pencil to add some 'strokes' into the tree for texture.

Picture #11:  This is the finished product.  It came out a little different from the original illustration, but you get the idea. . .and besides, no two trees are alike, right?!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  I certainly enjoyed putting it together for you.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions if you like.  If you have any questions, feel free to post those here as well, or simply drop me an email.  I'd prefer you list any questions in the comment section, so that I may respond to benefit everyone.
And if you have suggestions on things that you'd like to see in future tutorials, list those as well.  
Have a fabulous Saturday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick process.

Hey everyone. . . .and welcome to the new Illustrated by Cheryl Blog!  Lots of you have been writing asking me about my new found love of 'real' coloring and asked about how I do it.  Well. . . .that's what this blog will be about.  Process, tricks, tips and just all around fun chit chat!  I hope that you'll visit often, leave a comment or just write to say hi. . .because I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!

Now don't get excited just yet, because I don't have a video camera, but I'm hoping to invest in one soon.  So for my first post, I thought I would share some 'quick' process photos for you.  Kind of boring, I know, but I'll get better.  So don't fall asleep on this first post. . . .just run with me on this for now.  LOL

So, as most of you know, I create rubber stamps for Kraftin' Kimmie.  Have you all been to her shop?  Well, if you haven't, you need to pop over there.  She has some FABULOUS stamps from some AMAZING artists!  It's DEFINITELY worth the click!

This first photo is all three of the newest winter images that I did for Kimmie.  The set is called Lexi's Winter Fun and you can find them HERE.  And before you ask, no, they are not available as digi stamps.  Sorry.  :)
So, I have all three images ready to color, so let's get started.

Now, I don't know how many of you have trouble deciding on colors or a color theme for your images, but I know that I certainly do!  Many of you make cards with your colored images and use the papers sometimes as your inspiration, but I have to tell you about a book that you might want to pick up.  It's called, Color Index.  And it is WONDERFUL.  I have used it many times when playing with color in my digital work, but since I am now doing 'hands on' coloring, I use it right frequently when the right color combination just won't come to me. 

I have a screenshot here of just one of the pages, which only shows three color combinations, but it does go up to six.  I don't use it all the time, but it's a handy book to have around.  

 I won't show you my entire desk, but this is my usual set up when I begin to color.  Paper towels, acrylic brushes, stumps, Copics, colored pencils and Gamsol for blending.  I have these little containers that I bought at the Dollar Tree to hold my most frequently used pencils and then an extra one for the ones that I am using while coloring.  Can't stand those little suckers rolling all over my desk.  I'm sorry. . . .I'm just an organized artist.  Is there such a thing?  hee hee.

I usually tape my illustration down while I'm working on it, so I don't have to keep putting my fingers on it to move it around while coloring.  I also wear a smudge guard glove.  If you don't have one. . . you need to pick up one!  They are fantastic.  You can purchase them from Amazon, but I got mine here from the lady who created them.

Now that I have my image all taped down, I need to decide on the colors.  Since I am going to be doing all three as a set and selling them in my Etsy Shop, I am going to be coloring all three images using the same theme.  Here are the colors that I chose.

 And here is the image all colored in. . . .before the shading.  I hate it when it looks like this!  Don't you!!!!  So boring!
And, I promise that I'll share more process in the future. . . .just have to remember to take more photos and get better with the 'wording'.  Yep, I'm lazy, like that.  I totally admit it. But here it is, on my board. . . . .

and. .. .here it is, finished.  Just waiting for the other two to be finished to be listed in my shop. I'll try to take more photos during the next two.

So. . . .whatcha think?  Did I BORE you to death?  I sure hope not, but understand if I did.  
And you're free to leave comments, suggestions,. . . .I'd love to hear from you, good or bad.
Have a great Thursday. . . .until next time!
Happy Coloring!