Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make them laugh

. . .it's good for the soul.  I remember my dad telling me that once and I have never forgotten it.  I think that I also heard somewhere that it adds years to your life.  I received both of these benefits Sunday afternoon.

I was having a chat with a friend of mine about a picture that she had recently shown me.  It was a photo of a beautifully hand made purse that someone had recently given to her.  It really is gorgeous.  Made of an antique cream fabric, black lace and hand quilted. I mentioned to her that I would be afraid to actually use it for fear that it would get dirty or ruined and somehow that led to a discussion about using a public restroom.

We got to talking about how my friend wouldn't dare set that on the floor while using one and how when I use a public restroom, a very rare happening for me, that before I even lock the stall door, I make sure it has a hook to hang my purse on.  The story just kept getting longer and longer. I don't know how a picture of a purse can lead two grown women to a conversation about using a public restroom. But it did. Talk about getting off the subject!

Anyway, as the story went on, my friend began to tell me that if there isn't a hook in the stall, that she hangs her purse around her neck while squatting above the toilet. Now, I have to tell you, you'd have to know this person to see some of the humor in the story. But when she said that to me, I had this mental picture of her with this large purse dangling around her neck and squatting above the toilet.  I just about died.  To top it off, she said that she sometimes has to shift her body to make adjustments for the weight of the purse while it swings in front of her body. She said it so 'matter a fact' like.  Like it was a normal occurrence for every woman that used a public restroom. It was then that I just about peed my pants.

I realize that you may not find my friends story funny, and it may be one of those stories, where you had to be there, but for me, it was totally hilarious and the highlight of my day. It's good to have friends that will let you be yourself and that can be themselves with you. No matter how ridiculous or silly you may sound or look.  Do you have friends like that.  I certainly hope that you are blessed with many!

Until tomorrow. . .Happy HANGING!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! She would be great on cards and layouts! Can't wait for her to come out!

  2. HA! I love it! I need it! Hurry it on up!

  3. So funny, and yes I have a friend that we get "off track" and laugh.Great story. Can't wait till she is finished. I enjoy reading your thoughts on how you create your images. Thank you :)"

  4. Hello!

    I do and this is one of life's greatest blessings - to have good friends! I think that you would be that kind of friend also! I know that finding laughter - sometimes eventually - in life's twists and turns is what has been for me a saving grace. I love the new image! Wishing you some fun and laughter today!


    Barbara Diane

  5. This is to to to funny! I can just see the picture too!
    what a hoot!
    Laughter with friends~~ priceless!!!
    have the best day!!

  6. I am 66 and I have two girlfriends since childhood. We have exactly those kinds of chats and worse! We cn laugh at nothing and we always worry about making ourselves pee! Too fun to hae old friends that love you as you are. Thanks for sharing.!

  7. Oh Cheryl I laughed my head off. I could picture the whole thing. My mother and I are just as bad LOL
    How wonderful to have old friends that love you and you can talk about anything with!!
    You new image looks like fun - but it looks like she will have stars and stripes on?? Us poor Canadians need another version :o) LOL LOL
    Big huge hugs, Candy

  8. Loved the story along with the image pictured in my mind. I can just imagine! How fun it is to have friends like that. Can't wait for the image to get to the shop. hugs~

  9. Yup, I can picture! Fortunately, most restrooms do, in fact, have that hook-I'd hate for her loose her balance and fall backwards into the toilet!

  10. Makes me think of my granddaughter Sophia, she's 8. It would be great on a card or in her scrapbook.

    1. Claudia,
      Your granddaughter must be a HOOT! Love it.

  11. Wow, what a mental picture. Thanks for making me smile.