Saturday, November 3, 2012

Noah's Sweet little Turkey face!

Time for another tutorial.  I really  hope I'm not boring you with these.  And PLEASE, if you have comments or suggestions, or if I'm not including steps or information that you need or want, please let me know.

Today I'm going to show you how I colored Noah's sweet little Turkey face for the
What's Up Turkey? Illustration.  I just LOVE this little guy!  So festive and fun.

This is what I used to color Noah's face, but you may use what you have available, substituting when necessary.
**Abbreviation-FC=Faber Castell
When available, I will list the Prisma Color pencil that is the same color as the Faber Castell Color Pencil.

Strathmore Bristol-Vellum Surface-500 Series
Copic Markers: E0000 & E000
Colored Pencils:  (FC) Light Flesh=(PC) Light Peach
(FC) Cinnamon=(PC) Blush
(FC) Ocker Gebrannt=(PC)Burnt Ochre
Brushes:  #3 round & #4 Flat
Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen to 'dot' Noah's eyes

Step 1:  Color in all skin areas with E0000
Step 2: Highlight shaded areas of skin with E000

Step 3:  Using (FC)Light Flesh-(PC)Light Peach shade over the E000.
Step 4: Blend using Gamsol and the #3 round brush, just barely pulling the color outward. I do this on all of the skin areas.

Step 5:  Using (FC) Cinnamon-(PC)Blush and (FC)Ocker Gebrannt-(PC)Burnt Ochre to shade in the same areas as above and use the #2 Flat Brush to pull the color out building more shadow/shading.  Add more color as needed, but just keep in mind that it's easier to add more color than it is to take it away. And once it's blended with the Gamsol, it's a done deal.
Note:  I have found that adding a little white over areas that are too dark, does work sometimes, especially when coloring skin. :)

Step 6: For the cheeks, I use (FC)Cinnamon-(PC)Blush.  There is no right or wrong way to 'place' the cheeks.  That is totally up to you.  Using both the #2 Flat Brush I 'stipple' the cheeks and the #3 Round Brush to pull the color together and blend.  I want his cheeks to stand out, so I don't blend those too much.

And that's it.  Comments?  Suggestions?  I'd love to hear from ya.
Have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. Hello!

    I just finished setting all of my clocks back - time to adjust again. :<) I LOVE your tutorials! Thank you! I can't use Gamsol because of allergies and most all of my images are printed on white card stock - which pencils would be best for me to use? Wishing you a wonderful day today! We have sunshine again here in this part of WI - it makes me so happy.


    Barbara Diane

  2. Hey Barbara. Have you tried Baby Oil or Odorless Turpentine. I think they work pretty well too from what I hear. Not sure if you're allergic to those.
    I prefer the Faber-Castell pencils. They just blend so easily and so smoothly, especially on the smoother card stock/paper. It's really just comes down to personal preference and availability, but if you are able get your hands on a few to try, I highly recommend them. I've actually gotten Judy, on my DT, hooked on the Faber-Castell pencils as well. :) Oh, and another thing, I have found that the duller the pencil the better it blends. I very rarely use a 'sharpened' pencil for coloring. Hope that helps.

    And could you send a little of that sunshine my way please. We have a little now, but they say it's suppose to be mostly cloudy ALL day. . . .UGH! Happy Sunday.

  3. So fun to see how you color your images Cheryl! Thanks for sharing your talents and techniques! Love 'em. :)

  4. Love these tutorials Cheryl. Always nice to see how someone else does their coloring. As Anna said, thanks for sharing your talents and techniques. They are Fabulous!!

  5. Cheryl, I love seeing that you have used the brushes to blend with. I might have to get some different paper. using the brushes puts a lot more gamsol than the stubbies do!
    I Love the fb pencils, they do blend like butter.. also, my prismas have been braking a lot lately~ not finding that with the fb. thank for sharing that they are your faves.. I went right out and got a set, also ordered from Dick Blick.
    as you know, I have every kind of brush known to man.. I am going to try this today!
    lovin these tutorials!!

  6. OK, I need you at SCamp for a live tutorial. This is great. My PC should be here tomorrow with a ton of stubs, and I could have used a brush.

  7. Love your new, very sweet, Turkey Noah! I have two little grandsons, so I am loving all of your little boys! (I had two daughters, so having grandSONS is a huge adjustment!) Anyway, I just read through your entire Blog and have a question that I believe no one has asked...Why do you use Copics AND colored pencils? I am not aware of others combining the two. You seem to start the process with the Copics, and then move on to the Faber-Castel pencils you love. Why not just use Copics, or just the pencils? Am just curious as to why you use both.

    I, too, love your caddy that you say you got at Michael's; however, I am told that they are no longer being made. Is this true? I have looked everywhere for one without any luck. If you know of a source, would you let us know?

    I look forward to following your new Blog and hope you don't mind my questions! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful illustrations, Cheryl. I have purchased several(smile:)and will certainly be purchasing more in the future! Thanks, Phyllis

    P.S. I see I put my post on the wrong date, so I am repeating it here! Sorry for the duplication!

  8. Great tutorial Cheryl. Thanks so much for sharing your technique. Have never heard or thought of using brushes to blend with the Gamsol. I use PC and OMS for my colouring. Thanks again!