Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's your imagination. . . .

. . .so let it run wild!
You remember when you were a kid and you played all day in your castle?  Do you remember?  Come on. . . .you know you do!  Remember!  It had that big draw bridge that you pulled up to keep those nasty trolls out. And it had the big moat around it.  Remember? And there was that time that you slayed  that mean and nasty dragon!  Remember!   It's all coming back to you now, isn't it!

Mine wasn't a castle, it was a log cabin.  I remember my dad bringing home this huge cardboard box from a job site and my sister and I drew on it, had our dad cut a make-shift door and some windows and we played Little House on the Prairie.  Guess which character I played!  Yep, you guessed it, Half-Pint, aka Laura Ingalls.  I was sassy, even back then.

But it doesn't matter if you had a castle or a log cabin.  It was the thrill of using your imagination.  Remember how real it seemed!  How much fun it was.  To imagine that you were someone else, or to be in a different place?  Wow. . . .if we could only capture that as adults.

Well, that's what I was thinking yesterday evening while I was sketching.  I've always loved to draw, even though they were mostly stick figures back the.
Since I grew up in the boonies and in the 70's, there wasn't much tv back then and you were lucky if you got more than three channels.  That's all we got.  So I spent most of my time outside.  One thing that I loved to do, was to lay in our front yard with my sister, looking up at the clouds trying to see you could see the most 'shapes'. I can't tell you how many elephants, lions, horses, pigs, cows, birds, bugs and snakes we saw in those clouds.  We practically lived in a 'farming jungle'.  It was so much fun and we could do it for hours. I miss that!  I'm lucky though.  I get to use my imagination on a daily basis.

While I was sketching these images of Sassy Sally, I found myself wondering. . .what does she see?  What is she thinking?  Hmmmm.  If you weren't thinking it before.  I bet you are now!  LOL  See, you're using your imagination already!

Wouldn't it be great though, if as adults, we would take a little time to actually use our imaginations like we did when we were kids.  I mean seriously.  When was the last time you saw a unicorn in the clouds?  I bet if you look hard enough, you'll see one and if you imagine hard enough, I bet that you could fly on a magical adventure!


And as always, feel free to leave me suggestions or drop me an email.  I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. One step ahead of you Cheryl! I look at the clouds allllll the time. I have learned however, that my hubby never did that as a child. When I say,
    look hun, see the lion in the clouds?" He looks at me like I've lost my mind. I can picture Sassy Sally looking up at a cloud that looks like bandit!

  2. I am with mochamama Cheryl, I look at the clouds all the time when I am not the one driving of course.. that was on of our most fun things to do as kids..
    How fun that you brought back some great childhood memories today...... Thanks!
    Hugs to ya

  3. Cheryl if you knew how many days i have spent cloud watching and finding faces in them .Love the sitting lying down ones .Mochamama i just asked my hub and he said he did not either ,maybe its a man thing or are we just more imaginative i choose the atter .xx

  4. Ooh it want long ago i dart with my2 nephews looking at clouds imagining what they where and the eldest is 10 now and last summer he pointed out one saying remember when we saw animals in the clouds look there is an elephant. It is these things that stay with them for life.

  5. Hello!

    I made dollhouses out of shoe boxes, cutting windows and doors - and miniature everything - and paper dolls to live in the houses. I started with cutting out clothes and furniture and all things from the Sears and the Montgomery Ward catalogs to put in my cardboard dollhouses. Then I started to draw my own paperdolls and design their clothes and creating real miniatures for a real dollhouse.I grew up to become a dollmaker and collector of miniatures and eventually had a beautiful shop called The Puppen Haus (doll's house)featuring artist made dolls, teddy bears and miniatures. :<) Wishing you sunshine!


    Barbara Diane

  6. It wasn't that long ago for me with the cloud thing. I just don't usually take the time to lay on a blanket and cloud watch. Great memories.

  7. Gosh Cheryl,your journalling really took me back down memory lane! I remember loving to lie back in the grass as a child and find all the pictures in the clouds.Those images you've created are lovely!
    Like you Barbara I also used to make dollhouses with shoe boxes-and how wonderful you grew up to actually own a miniatures shop!

    1. Thanks Ann. The first of those is in my shop. . .A Penny for your Thoughts.
      I LOVED looking at the clouds when I was a kid and STILL do!!! Isn't it great to go down memory lane. :)