Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bloom already!

I spent most of yesterday trying to get one of the newest images from my journal completed and nothing I did seemed to make me happy.  I drew, erased, redrew, erased some more and then started to redrew. At one point, I really thought that I had the illustration just the way I wanted it. But guess what?  I didn't!!  So I will keep plugging away at it tomorrow.

So to be perfectly honest, I am pooped.  My mind just will not cooperate.  I think that being up between 4-4:30 AM for three days in a row is beginning to take it's toll on me.  So I apologize, but there is no story to go along with the journal entry for today, except to say this. I know how Sally and Bella must be feeling.  Come on already. . . BLOOM!  And just like them, I too am waiting for my illustration to bloom!  I just hope I don't have to wait as long as they do!

Have a fabulous and blessed Sunday!

Until tomorrow. . . .Happy BLOOMING!

I think I can already guess the winner, but you may continue to vote if you like.


  1. She's thinking too hard. She needs to chill out with friends, or maybe a walk with Bella, trip to Starbucks with her Bestie. Looks like she has cabin fever to me. :)

  2. I agree with Linda, and if Texas weren't so far away I'd be right there pulling her by the hand and say lets go.... but in the mean time I would tell her friend Mz. Cheryl, that I love the image! How cute is it. Hope to see that one on the site soon... your doing great girlie~ take a breath and do just as you did, move on to other things and go back to it when you "feel" it.

  3. I agree with Mz. Linda! chill out, take a walk, and coffee helps everything! We can't be completely creative every second of every day! even though we would like to!
    have a fantastic day!!

  4. You have definitely been on a creative roll lately. Give your "Mojo" a little rest and you'll be good as new!

    PS > The new sketch is adorable! TFS.

  5. Yup, sounds like cabin fever to me too......does terrible things to the mojo!!!! Cheryl, I would love to see Sally writing the word create in the clouds. wink wink

    1. Adding that to my 'thinking' pile, Cheryl. Hmmmmmmm.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Hello!

    Sometimes it just doesn't happen - but when it does bloom the flower is spectacular and so much more than it would have been were it rushed! :<) Wishing you a happy Monday!


    Barbara Diane