Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Small is good

Anyone who has met me, knows that I'm not very big.  Meaning, I'm short. I guess I get that from my momma's side of the family, and most of us ladies are short.  I'm about  5'2" and my sister, and mom are shorter than me and my Grandma Reba was WAY under 5". She came to about my chin.  I LOVED that woman.  
I don't mind being short, in fact, I prefer it. I used to get picked on all the time, or rather teased, about seeing over the counter, seeing over the steering wheel, etc., but I didn't mind.  My granddad Grant used to say, "Good things come in small packages."  I guess that's because he was short too.  :) But I believe he was right.  Some of the best gifts I've ever had, came in small packages.
I'm a blessing wether I'm 5'7" or 5'2". . .I LOVE being me and I wouldn't change a thing.  How's about you!

The largest of blessings come in small packages.~Unknown Author


  1. Love this girl Cheryl!
    I don't care if you are not very big. Love your images anyway. :)

  2. was looking for a lile button. lol Im 5'9", no not teasing, i always wanted to be shorter, thinner than i am now, then one day it hit me. Im perfect. i can reach things, i can hold up my family, (my girls are shorter, my boys way taller). When im with my best friend who is short and beautiful, i stand out. lol happy the way i am. (stillwish i was thinner, but i would be too much if i was) lol. anyhow, she's adorable.

  3. Isn't it a beautiful thing that we come in all shapes and sizes? The wonderful thing about getting older is appreciating who we are. :)

    Love this sweet image! Hope to see it in the shop.

  4. what a little cutie pie Cheryl! She must be coming to the store SOON ~ right?
    I LOVE her adorable hair!!!

  5. What an adorable image. For the longest time I feared I'd be like your GrandmaReba. I was only 4'8"at the end of the 8th grade.

  6. I feel your short awesome problem! I am five foot and surrounded by giants! It's okay. Us short people have a better view from way down here. We must make friends with tall people though! How else could I reach stuff on the top shelf at grocery stores?!?! He-he! This is the sweetest image. Evah!

  7. Well I am a bit taller at 5' 3" but I always wanted to be taller. If someone would just stretch me out to be about 6' then I would be skinny. I always wanted to be skinny but I am not going to work out and diet to get there. LOL I love this little girl and she needs to be in my house ASAP.

  8. At 5'3" I was taller than my Granny who was 4'8". She never let it stop her from doing anything she wanted. She was a force to be dealt with for sure. Love your little lady (girl) and can't wait to add her to my Sassy Cheryl collection!