Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Be kind. . .

. . .and always gentle.  
I love birds!  I get it from my mom.  Growing up, my mom ALWAYS had bird feeders and a bird bath.  We lived way out in the country and in the winter, the birds were our entertainment.  I knew just about every name of every bird that came to our feeder. I don't see too many birds here at my apartment complex, although there are several hawks that I see from time to time.  They are beautiful birds!  So independent, free and stealthy.  Sadly, other than that, it's mostly just blackbirds and crows.

I remember many a time my mom yelling to my sister and I, or my dad, telling us to come look at a rare bird that would come to our feeder.  "Girls, Gene, come look, here is a Baltimore Oriole at the feeder."  It was the highlight of our day sometimes.  Other times, we'd count how many Grosbeaks were at the feeder or in the trees.  Yep, we entertained easily, but it was always fabulous.  I miss those days, but my mom updates me in the winter, how many, of what kind of bird were out at the feeder on a certain day. And I always hear about the first Robin sightings.  Gotta love it!
Are you a nature lover?  A bird lover?

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.- Lao Tzu


  1. My mom and dad know the names of every bird in the area! We used to go through bird books if one showed up that they didn't know about!
    thank for the memories Cheryl!

  2. Oh my gosh we do the same thing. I love watching the birds. We had a pair of doves that came every evening to feed in our back yard. They were so used to us and our dogs that they would feed while we were all outside. The dogs didn't even bark or chase them.

  3. this made me smile as we still do it now. hubby is a 'birder' and is out every chance he gets but we fill the feeders and watch for new birds all the time in the garden too. check out his birding blog at what he doesn't know about birds isn't worth knowing! he loves his addiction....err I mean hobby. I had to buy this cute sassy image didn't I.