Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I've never heard that before

. . .of course I have! I'd be lying if I said I hadn't.  I've always been a bit of a loud mouth. Usually speaking what was on my mind. Some people have told me that I have an attitude. I prefer to call it sassy.  I just have a very low tolerance for foolishness.  That's all.  Life is just too short to let people ruin your day, so I just say what I have to say in my own little sassy way and keep moving forward?  
How about you?  Are you a sassy gal?  I know for certain that lots of you are.

Until tomorrow. . .Happy SASSINESS!!!!


  1. Hey there, sassy lady!! I always knew that Sassy Sally was your alter ego! LOL!! I sure hope you are eventually making these sketches into actual images!! I love them ALL!! Hugs. Pat (Frank)

  2. Oh I wish I had more sass. I let stuff nother me, finally say something, and continue to let that bother me. I need to tap into your sass lol.
    Great image yet again. What talent!

  3. It's not called attitude, it's called assertiveness, and not suffering fools gladly. I'm loving all these sketches, and I'm with Pat, I hope they make their way into a store.

  4. This is my new motto!! I have been a bit of a mouse most of my life but I find with age that I am getting a bit on the sassy side! Tired of not saying what's on my mind. Hopefully I will find a happy medium1 Meanwhile it's kind of fun1 I agree with Pat -love to have these new images!!!

  5. That should read: Yes I have An Attitude and I LIKE It!

  6. Cheryl
    I love them all are they going to come with sentiments?
    I'd pay a little more for some cute sentiments. Or maybe a page of different ones to use.

    1. HI Cindy,
      You're so sweet and yes, all of the newest images that I will be adding to the shop will have some type of sentiment with them. How's that sound? :)