Saturday, February 9, 2013

Picture perfect

. . . .in your own special and very unique little way.
I was reading an article yesterday about a woman that had been married for 'X' amount of years and her husband had fallen out of love with her because she had put on weight.  She made it a secret mission to lose weight to make her husband happy.  While I admire her for loosing the weight, because it is definitely a more healthy life style, I was very upset by the attitude of her husband.  And before I go off on a tangent, I will just say this. You are picture perfect . . .PERIOD!  Embrace who you are and just be yourself!  You are a one of a kind masterpiece!  And don't let anyone convince you otherwise!

Until tomorrow. . . .Happy ORIGINALITY!


  1. Well said. Everyone, in their own right is "picture perfect"!
    Love your inspirations and words:)

  2. Love this design and I agree we are all one of a kind. I just am not sure about the masterpiece! Too cute!