Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's sleep on it

. . .and I'm going to have to.  I didn't get much done yesterday as the power went out because of the storm, so I was playing catch up ALL day!  But I did manage to get this little sketch completed as I was thinking how well it is going to feel to hit the pillow tonight when I'm done with everything.

And here is one reason that I've been so stressed.  I have been working on and have a brand new shop open dedicated to Sally, Bella, Noah and eventually Bandit and Charlie.
Check it out.

Until tomorrow. . . .Happy DREAMS!


  1. Yes, you make my day. So beautiful! "Just be Yourself" is the Queen! I must have it!

  2. Oh Cheryl!!! I love the new site!what fun to have another way to see and get the Sally cuties!! I'm making my list!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love them! I just made my purchases! Thank you! I love Sally! And Noah is great, too!!!

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Went to your new site last night and bought everything.
    Made a new folder as well, so I know where all my Sally's will be from now on.
    Great new site!! Thanks for all of your hard work :o)
    Hugs, Candy
    Magnolia-licious Designer

  5. How wonderful! I need to visit to purchase soon!

  6. Hello!

    It has been such a long time since I was able to visit! I have been looking at all of your week's posts and I love the new image ideas! This one of hitting the pillow is exactly what I need to show how I feel - much chaos and stress this past months. Now today I hope to be able to rest and begin again. Your new site is wonderful - as is everything you do! Wishing you a happy weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  7. Hey sweetie you are on a roll my friend and im loving it xx

  8. The new store is FANTASTIC!!!!! now all I need is time to actually color them:)
    you go girl!
    darling little Sally!
    hugs to ya