Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tree Coloring

First off, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the comments you left on my previous Quick Process Post. I appreciate you taking the time to pop in and leave some love.  That was very sweet.  
So today, I have a new tutorial for you.  This is all about trees. I thought this would be a good one to show you because I've had several people write asking about the colors that I used.

Picture #1:  I will be coloring just the tree portion from the Sassy Sally's Winter Morning Social Digi Stamp.  This is a brand new image in the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop and is probably one of my new favorites.

Picture #2:  Here is the digi portion of the tree as well as the finished version that I colored in the original illustration.

Picture #3:  Here is what you'll need. If you don't have the exact same brushes, pencils or markers you may use what you have available.  This is just what I used.

W1 (Warm Grey No.1) -Copic Marker
(Faber-Castell  polychormos colored Pencils)
If you are using Prisma Color Pencils use the 2nd name which is in bold italic from the list below)
Bister, Bistre #179
Nougat, Nougat #178
Umbra Gebrannat, Burnt Umber #280
Walnubraun, Walnut Brown #177
#3 Round acrylic paint brush
#4 Flat acrylic paint Brush
Paper Towel

Picture #4:  I begin by coloring in the tree using the W1 (Warm Grey No.1) -Copic Marker.

Picture #5:  To figure out where I want to shade, I have the 'imaginary' sun coming from the top left of the image.  Keeping this in mind, I use the Bister colored pencil and lightly shade in the areas that would not have sun. Mainly on the right side of the tree and of course, under the birds and Sally's hand. There is no exact science to this and to be honest with you, I simply 'guess' at this.  LOL
Once I have the shading the way I like, I begin the blending. I dip my #4 Flat Brush into the Gamsol and wipe the excess on a paper towel.  I do not like a lot of Gamsol on my brush.  It is usually just a little damp.  You'll just kinda have to play around with it until you get as little or as much as you want. 
I pull the color away from the dark areas.  I am constantly wiping the color off of my brush, because I don't want too much of the color pulled at one time.  Remember, it's easier to pull more of the color, but once you start blending the color you can't take it away.  :)
The picture to the right shows what you should end up with or something similar.  Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Just play around and have fun with it.

Picture #6:  Next, I use the Nougat colored pencil to add darker shading, and use the #3 Round  brush for the blending.  Use the same technique as before for pulling the color. 

Picture #7:  With that shading completed I still need it to be darker, so I use the Umbra Gebrannat colored pencil to add even more shadowing.  This time I use a combination of both the #3 Round and the #4 Flat brushes for blending.  I pull and sweep the color across the tree concentrating on the trunk of the tree where there would obviously be more shadowing.

Picture #8:  Then I move on to the last and darkest of the four colors. Using the Walnubrauna colored pencil I begin to add my final and darkest shading.  Again, I use a combination of the #3 Round and the #4 Flat brushes to do the blending. Use the same technique as before, pulling and sweeping the color across the tree and it's limbs.

Picture #9:  Going darker still, I continue using the Walnubrauna colored pencil and the same brushes and blending.

Picture #10:  Finally, I use the Walnubranuna colored pencil to add some 'strokes' into the tree for texture.

Picture #11:  This is the finished product.  It came out a little different from the original illustration, but you get the idea. . .and besides, no two trees are alike, right?!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  I certainly enjoyed putting it together for you.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions if you like.  If you have any questions, feel free to post those here as well, or simply drop me an email.  I'd prefer you list any questions in the comment section, so that I may respond to benefit everyone.
And if you have suggestions on things that you'd like to see in future tutorials, list those as well.  
Have a fabulous Saturday.


  1. Great tutorial Cheryl! Might have to try this out during big "Sandy"!

  2. Thanks for sharing this helpful how-to, Sheryl! I think I need to pick up some Gamasol & try it out! ;)

    Be safe in Sandy!! :)