Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick process.

Hey everyone. . . .and welcome to the new Illustrated by Cheryl Blog!  Lots of you have been writing asking me about my new found love of 'real' coloring and asked about how I do it.  Well. . . .that's what this blog will be about.  Process, tricks, tips and just all around fun chit chat!  I hope that you'll visit often, leave a comment or just write to say hi. . .because I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!

Now don't get excited just yet, because I don't have a video camera, but I'm hoping to invest in one soon.  So for my first post, I thought I would share some 'quick' process photos for you.  Kind of boring, I know, but I'll get better.  So don't fall asleep on this first post. . . .just run with me on this for now.  LOL

So, as most of you know, I create rubber stamps for Kraftin' Kimmie.  Have you all been to her shop?  Well, if you haven't, you need to pop over there.  She has some FABULOUS stamps from some AMAZING artists!  It's DEFINITELY worth the click!

This first photo is all three of the newest winter images that I did for Kimmie.  The set is called Lexi's Winter Fun and you can find them HERE.  And before you ask, no, they are not available as digi stamps.  Sorry.  :)
So, I have all three images ready to color, so let's get started.

Now, I don't know how many of you have trouble deciding on colors or a color theme for your images, but I know that I certainly do!  Many of you make cards with your colored images and use the papers sometimes as your inspiration, but I have to tell you about a book that you might want to pick up.  It's called, Color Index.  And it is WONDERFUL.  I have used it many times when playing with color in my digital work, but since I am now doing 'hands on' coloring, I use it right frequently when the right color combination just won't come to me. 

I have a screenshot here of just one of the pages, which only shows three color combinations, but it does go up to six.  I don't use it all the time, but it's a handy book to have around.  

 I won't show you my entire desk, but this is my usual set up when I begin to color.  Paper towels, acrylic brushes, stumps, Copics, colored pencils and Gamsol for blending.  I have these little containers that I bought at the Dollar Tree to hold my most frequently used pencils and then an extra one for the ones that I am using while coloring.  Can't stand those little suckers rolling all over my desk.  I'm sorry. . . .I'm just an organized artist.  Is there such a thing?  hee hee.

I usually tape my illustration down while I'm working on it, so I don't have to keep putting my fingers on it to move it around while coloring.  I also wear a smudge guard glove.  If you don't have one. . . you need to pick up one!  They are fantastic.  You can purchase them from Amazon, but I got mine here from the lady who created them.

Now that I have my image all taped down, I need to decide on the colors.  Since I am going to be doing all three as a set and selling them in my Etsy Shop, I am going to be coloring all three images using the same theme.  Here are the colors that I chose.

 And here is the image all colored in. . . .before the shading.  I hate it when it looks like this!  Don't you!!!!  So boring!
And, I promise that I'll share more process in the future. . . .just have to remember to take more photos and get better with the 'wording'.  Yep, I'm lazy, like that.  I totally admit it. But here it is, on my board. . . . .

and. .. .here it is, finished.  Just waiting for the other two to be finished to be listed in my shop. I'll try to take more photos during the next two.

So. . . .whatcha think?  Did I BORE you to death?  I sure hope not, but understand if I did.  
And you're free to leave comments, suggestions,. . . .I'd love to hear from you, good or bad.
Have a great Thursday. . . .until next time!
Happy Coloring!


  1. Hi Cheryl - love this new blog! No, you didn't bore me, I'm still here aren't I? I love to see how other people color and I can always used some helpful hints. Can't wait to see what you share next :)

  2. Love your new blog....I will visit it often...
    Well I can't put in the right letters to get this comment posted...I will try again...

  3. So great to "see" your creative process, Cheryl!... Love peeking over your shoulder while you draw! :)

  4. You certainly have my attention! Love seeing your process and the products you use.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  5. Cheryl, Love your new blog and I did not get bored-lol. Love seeing samples and instructions. Have a GREAT birthday!!

  6. Adorable finished project, Cheryl! I'm so glad that you've rediscovered the joy of coloring. It's so relaxing and often makes me feel like a kid again!

  7. Great new site Chery! Can't wait to see more. Great tip about that book. I always feel I use the same colors over and over. Need to branch out. That book would help.

  8. I always love to learn how others color and looking for new tips. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Kat

  9. Love your stamps, sales and blogs. What talent! Oh, and Happy Happy Birthday!

  10. Great to see how you color. Did you shade with pencils? I'm just learning, so it is really awesome to see how a real artist colors. Love your work and I need to go shop!

  11. Happy your new blog, I will be visiting often. I just started to do some coloring a couple of weeks ago. I am checking into taking an online class. I purchased pencils a couple of years ago, opened them up and thought...oh are they pretty...closed them up and they are still on the shelf. I also purchased some beginner copic colors and started to color some easy flowers...I think they turned out ok, but I must say it is a start. Thank you so much for sharing your skills, you are very talented and I love your work, when you look at those girls, it drawes you right into the picture almost hearing the little giggle...I smile everytime I look at them. Thank you!
    Cheryl M. (my birthday is also in Oct)

  12. Happy Birthday. Your new blog is super sweet! Love all of your illustrations and drawings. Thanks for the instructions.

  13. Thanks for the tip. Your new blog looks great. I'm adding it to my favorite blogs list.

  14. Happy Birthday!! This is the first time I stopped by your blog and I must say it is very informative. I love all your illustrations. I stop by your store quite often and do purchase your digis from time to time - as I said before I just love them - keep up the wonderful work!!!

  15. Cheryl This Is No Bore .. I Love It And It Gives Awesome Tips To Us All.. Thank You For This Blog Defintly Keeping This Nearby .. :-) Beautiful Coloring ..

  16. Cheryl, Hope it's been a great birthday. Love this new blog, and I'm always up for tips. No bore at all.

  17. Cheryl, looking forward to seeing what you create and show on your new blog! I purchased the Lexi stamp set at Kraftin' Kimmie's Krafty Day last weekend and have been having SOOOOOO much fun playing with her (and also Lucas!!) I love your images and look forward to MORE from you! and NO you could NEVER bore me!! LOL

    Hugs always;

  18. Hi Cheryl

    So delighted to have found your blog and of course had to become a follower. Really love your images and looking forward to seeing your creations.

    Hugs and smiles


    PS - Absolutely no boredom

  19. What awesome info you have listed! I'm going to check out the book you mentioned tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques!

  20. Thanks again for the reference to this Color Index 2 book! OMGoodness! I bought it (and the first one!!) and it is absolutely fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's amazing for finding and choosing colour combinations!

    1. I just saw this Charlene. Isn't it a FANTASTIC reference! So glad you like it.