Thursday, March 14, 2013

Singular is better. . .

. . .when it comes to originality!  You are priceless.  A singular sensation!  Be who you are. . .always!
Until tomorrow. . .Happy STANDING!!!


  1. Very Cute!
    Of course, now I have that song (from A chorus Line) stuck in my head:
    "One! singular sensation
    Every little step he takes.
    One! thrilling combination
    Every move that he makes.
    One smile and suddenly nobody else will do;"
    Thanks a lot Cheryl... ;)
    hehe...Glad you are having some sketch time now.

  2. Enjoying your morning "moments and quotes"!

  3. Cute, cute, cute Cheryl. That is because I missed the last two days....running behind. Always a little (big) behind! Love the hold on with two hands...made me think of some of the carnival rides....holding on tight as a kid.