Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All about Love

Growing up, I was a tomboy, so I didn't have much use for boys.  I was always the third wheel in the group.  But I always had fun.  That was just me.  
As I got older, I had a little interest in boys, but the best boy 'friend' I ever had was when I was about 15 years of age.  I used to work in the 4-5 year olds children's Sunday school class and the sweetest little boy, Kevin (can't remember his last name) used to have the biggest crush on me.  He was the cutest little thing.  Bringing me flowers, candies and drawings.  And the best thing is, there were no attachments.  LOL Kids crushes are so sweet.  I wonder where little Kevin is now?  

How about you?  Ever have someone have a little crush on you or were you the crusher?  :)  Do tell.


  1. this is just the cutest little guy ever Cheryl! LOVE!!

  2. awwww Cheryl, he's soooo cute! <3

  3. Ohhhhhhh me likey very much so cute .x

  4. ahhh...great stories and brought back memories of my youth. I was the one with the crushes, no crushes on me that I was aware of..lol